Child Protection Training

Frequently asked questions

Why do we require this?

We want for our children and youth to be safe at Morningside. If you are planning on volunteering with our children or youth in any capacity, we require that complete this short training. Thank you for volunteering with us.

What other requirements are there?

We require you to be involved at Morningside for at least 6 months prior to volunteering with our children or youth.

How do I complete the training?

You can complete the training right here on our website! Just scroll down and follow the steps below.


Watch the Video


Fill out the Quiz


Fill out the Covenant

Child Protection Video Quiz

Last step: Print out the covenant and give it to Jack Dodds.

Child Protection Policy (CPP) Covenant

Or simply upload it here:


Let's Get Started.

Thank you

for volunteering with us.

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